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Cost to Attend 

The cost to attend is made up of the following  fees and depends on your custom selections: 

1. Basic Workshop Fee: The current rate is $375 for all workshops.

2. Class Material Fee: Not every class has one, but those that do will be listed on the class description. You'll pay this fee directly to your instructor. 

3. Meals: The current rate for meals is $365 per week, an additional charge of $51 per week for an alternative diet.

4. Lodging: The cost for lodging will depend on your selection of accommodations. See room options and rates below 

Lodging Options & Rates

Have questions? 

Contact Menucha at (503) 695-2243 or send an email to Registration is now handled by Menucha staff only. You can register here on their website starting at noon on March 1st.

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