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How to Afford CAC Workshop


The CAC board and Menucha work diligently to keep costs down, but the prices can appear daunting. There are no comparable workshops which include tuition, room, and board, first class instructors and the priceless community experience. Here are ideas that former students have used.


Several $350 scholarships are awarded annually based on need. Funds for scholarships come from the previous year’s Gallery sales. Your application explains your situation and the committee decides. Fill out a confidential application in January after the schedule is posted. If awarded, in February you receive a special code to reduce your registration costs. Priority goes to students who can take what they’ve learned back to their community, or students who do not have ready access to art making support. Anyone is eligible to apply.



There are 2 full awards, one for an art teacher and one for an emerging artist. Go here to see if you qualify and apply online.



There are lodging options which reduce the cost. Check out 2024 options and rates. Rooming with more roommates or staying in the barn can cut costs especially when you consider how little time you actually spend in your room.


If you work for a school, you may get some reimbursement from your district for at least the basic workshop fee portion of $375. CAC can provide a statement for CEUs earned. Many districts offer professional development funds that can be accessed every few years and might cover all expenses, including travel. Professional development funds are often for any school staff, not just for teachers.



Sometimes students find a local arts organization to fund part of their costs, or a grant from an arts council such as RACC if you are in Portland. Some students have found ‘angel’ sponsors who fronted some or all of the costs. Rather than waiting for an inheritance, some students have approached a relative to be their financial sponsor. If they prefer, your funder can make a direct donation to CAC 501C3 for funding in your name. If you are working, check with your HR department for professional development funds.


Many artistic campers sell art or other art related items in our Pop-Up Gallery to self-reimburse the cost of the workshops.




When you register, the Menucha may be able to work out a partial payment plan with final payment  due in July.


Bunk Lodging 

Get Reimbursed

Find a Funder

Gallery Sales

Payment Plan 

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