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Stuff You'll Want to Bring to Camp

  • Clothes: weather varies between very hot, pleasant and quite cold or rainy. Think layers, casual clothes, a warm jacket or sweater for chilly evenings. Bring attire for the tennis court, swimming pool and for walking. Some classes are messy and aprons and “paint clothes” are wise.

  • Your art to sell in the Pop Up Gallery with an inventory sheet and price tags – you can find the inventory sheet on the Pop Up Gallery page.

  • Bring a prize for Bingo Night (Something fun.)

  • We are traded our usual Hat Night for Glam Night! Join us however you wish to interpret this idea –clothes, makeup, hair, hat, or all of it!

  • Beads, charms and anything you can put on a string for the craft table to prepare necklaces for glam night. No glitter!

  • Shampoo and soap

  • Hangers

  • Flashlight, such as one that clamps on to your bunk bed 

  • Work light

  • Insect repellent/ Benadryl spray (bug bite itch stuff)

  • Sunblock

  • Alarm clock

  • Ear plugs and eye mask for light sleepers

  • Bedding and pillow for single bed (if you have not ordered linens online when you registered)

  • Towels (if you have not ordered linens online when you registered)

  • Musical instruments

  • Cards, board games and books

  • Camera

  • Chargers

  • Journal and sketchbook

  • Fan (can be useful if it’s a hot summer)

  • An extension cord can also be helpful

  • Water bottle and electrolyte drinks

  • The supply list for your workshop. You can copy it from the CAC website on the page with your class description. Please keep in mind that whatever you bring, you should be prepared to take it home or dispose of it properly. This includes supplies you end up not using, beverage bottles and cans.

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