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Studio Painting Rules

Your health matters to Creative Arts Community.  We’d like to serve you better and keep you safer by implementing these procedures for painting indoors in an enclosed studio space.

  • Gamsol is the ONLY solvent allowed in the studio.  It is very different from any other thinner, including the odorless thinners of any sort.

  • All containers (other than water) need to be covered during class, and at night.

  • Palettes need to be covered when not in use. Yes, oil paint gives off fumes and odor.

  • In enclosed studio spaces, such as Ballard and the Greenhouse, mediums are offensive and should be avoided. Even Galkyd and Galkyd lite will off gas. Walnut oil (Graham sells a good product), and Gamblin Solvent Free Gels  are good options, covered when not in use.

  •  Students are encouraged to use oil (such as safflower) for  brush cleaning during the painting session. Lanolin soap will be available at designated clean up stations.

  •  Used rags, paper towels need to be placed in a fireproof container at the end of the day.

  • Please be prepared to pack out your used Gamsol, solvent free medium, and oil at the end of the week.

 Please ask your teacher if you need additional supplies such as nitrile gloves, protective masks, lanolin soap or have additional concerns about safety.

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