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Wild Words: Experimenting with Poetry, Flash Writing & Other Hybrid Forms

Week 2: August 11-17, 2024 
​Instructor: Leanne 
Class Material Fee: $10

About the Workshop

In this class, we will experiment with a variety of poetry forms (and formlessness), including found poetry, concrete poetry, prose poetry, erasure poems, hybrid writing, list poems, rants, and manifestos. We will end the week creating an anthology of the week’s work, but will compile, design and publish this book (and enough copies for other campers) ourselves, in-house, hoping to avoid a trip to FedEx in Troutdale. We will look at the classic work of ee cummings, Gertrude Stein, Jorge Luis Borges, Kurt Vonnegut, Milan Kundera, Czeslaw Milosz, Kathy Acker, Charles Simic, and many others, as well as Maira Kalman, because I love her hybrid work.

Leanne at Mother Foucault.png

Leanne Grabel

Leanne Grabel is a writer, illustrator & retired special education teacher who is in love with mixing genres and turning the hard topics of life into entertainment. She has written & produced numerous multi-media shows, including “The Lighter Side of Chronic Depression” and “Anger: The Musical.” Grabel's graphic memoir, Brontosaurus Illustrated, was published by The Opiate Books in 2022. My Husband's Eyebrows, a collection of illustrated prose poems, was published by Poetry Box in 2022. Grabel is the 2020 recipient of the Bread & Roses Award for contributions to women's literature in the Pacific Northwest. She was also a member of ArtLab 2023 [] for which she developed an illustrated comic monologue and chapbook on aging "Old With Jokes."

Learn more about Leanne on her website:

Instructor will provide:

Books for inspiration, pens, pencils, papers for constructing our anthology

What students should bring:

Just a wonderful journal and pen. If you think you want to add some kind of illustration to your writing, bring what you need. Probably would be most helpful if you bring a laptop of some sort, since we can make copies of our writing at Menucha and send it digitally to the Menucha office.

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