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Open Studio - Imagination, Observation, Action

Week 2: August 11-17, 2024 
​Instructor: Linda Berkley

Class Material Fee: $O

About the Workshop

Students will work with the art medium of their choice - painting,  mixed media,  drawing, or collage -  to start new artworks, start a series, finish old pieces, try different techniques or a combination of all four. Subject matter can be landscape, abstract, still life, figurative. Where the student is in their journey as an artist is where we will start with one-on-one instruction interspersed with brief class comments.  Students can expect to complete 3 to 4 artworks in various sizes by the end of the class. The class will focus on the process and technique of their chosen medium, mark-making and brushwork, mixing colors, exploring styles, and having fun with the creative process. In 'Open Studio - Imagination, Observation, Action', the focus is on recognizing and realizing your personal vision.

IMG-7537 Self cropped.jpg

About Linda Berkley

Linda D. Berkley is a professional artist and arts educator working in drawing, painting, illustration, collage and mixed media since 1986, based in Redmond, WA.  In recent studio work and studies, Linda is exploring Rozome (Japanese resist dye painting), digital drawing and painting and scientific illustration  in addition to traditional studio work.

Linda is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and received her MFA at the University of Arizona, Tucson.  Linda worked as the art department chair and a full-time studio art faculty at Everett Community College, WA from 2005-2023 and as an art faculty member of Portland Community College for over 10 years prior.  In addition to her artwork, Linda D. Berkley also regularly teaches regional art workshops celebrating passion and skills of creative practice.  

Linda D. Berkley has artwork in public and private collections and exhibits regionally and nationally.  Her work may also be viewed at the website gallery (current) or (archival site).

Instructor will provide:

What students should bring:

Recommended painting supplies to bring:

  • Stretched canvas

  • Canvas boards

  • Gessoed watercolor papers are examples of painting surfaces that can be used. Sizes can be a variety of small to large (12” x 12”, 18” x 24”, 30” x 40”, etc.)

  • A limited primary palette of warms (cad. red light, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre) and cools (alizarin crimson, Prussian blue, cad yellow light),  (a large tube of white, small tube of ivory black) is recommended.

  • Optional DIGITAL TOOLS & APPLICATIONS - handy for references, composition development, exploring variations. Suggestions: Ipad, laptop, digital pen (Apple pencil), Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Please read the painting studio rules here.

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