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Tiny Art Quilts: Collaging Stitched Stories


Class Material Fee

2 Weeks


About the Course

Let's make tiny quilts! Commemorate an event, person, place or object by combining photos printed onto fabric, collaged with scraps or ephemera and embellished with hand embroidery. In this class you'll learn how: to compose fabric & image collages / to enhance your artwork using simple embroidery stitches (and yes, French knots will be taught) / to prepare photos for printing directly onto fabric / to finish and display your work and much more. You'll have the opportunity to make several small (5 x 5 inch) art quilts. Embroidery is a bit like coloring – it's easy to learn, and while it takes some practice to master (I'm still working on this) pulling a needle and colorful thread through cloth and creating a finished piece is a very pleasant activity. All skill levels welcome.

Your Instructor

Maude Ann May

Maude Ann May

Maude Ann May has been making art in one form or another since childhood – stitching pre-printed samplers, fabricating elaborate collaged drawings and playing with any art supplies that came my way. As a fabric collage artist, she assembles layers utilizing vintage and new fabrics, hand stitching and images. She inkjet-prints discarded snapshots, copyright-free Library of Congress photos and my own photographic works directly onto linen and cotton. By creating these visual stories she strives to move the viewer towards discovering and imagining the people, ideas, places and possessions that were once deemed precious and have now been left behind.

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