Water Media: Playing with Patterns with Margaret Godfrey

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Water Media
Playing with Patterns
Instructor: Margaret Godfrey
Week1: August 2-8, 2020

This workshop will appeal to artists who are interested in expanding their art with new and interesting ways to paint by adding patterns to paintings. Watercolor, gouache, and acyclic paints will be used on watercolor paper.  Participants will explore creating their own symbols and shapes to add personal content to their art. In this workshop, Margaret will demonstrate several ways of creating patterns and collage materials, then show ways to use them in painting to make each person’s work unique and more meaningful. The instructor will provided stamp making materials. As a story-telling artist, Margaret will help participants bring more content and ideas into their art. There will be daily demos and Margaret will work with each individual.

Class Material Fee $15
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About Margaret

Margaret Godfrey is a symbolic painter who has been described as a conceptual artist. Her paintings have an abundance of symbols, which help tell the underlying story of a series. By working in a series, she is able to explore and express different aspects of the pictorial metaphor. Her patterns and decorative designs flow through her body of work, connecting the layers and messages of a series. In viewing her paintings, look beyond the literal; search for the allegory.

Her pictures incorporate both representational and abstract styles and often include both. She uses watercolor, acrylic, ink, and collage in her creative works on paper. Living in the beautiful McKenzie Valley in Oregon and traveling throughout the U.S and abroad, she finds an abundance of inspiration for creating art. Margaret shares her enthusiasm for art through teaching workshops and active membership in art associations. 

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