Ukulele & Guitar with Brook Adams

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Ukulele & Guitar for Fun
Instructor: Brook Adams
Week1: August 2-8, 2020

Ukulele and guitar are great instruments for playing alone and with friends. They share the same tuning and they sound good together. This class will cover fingerpicking and strumming, expand our bag of tricks for harmony and rhythm, and how to use chord combinations to make tension and release in songs. You’ll also learn how to learn a song, choose a key, find the chords and add ornaments. Each morning we’ll learn technique, followed by individual work, learning songs and interacting with me. Then we’ll jam and learn some fun songs as a group.

The high G Ukulele tuning allows for interesting picking patterns, and the limited number of strings make complicated chords easier. You don't have to be an ace, but you should already know how to strum and change chords smoothly. I teach mainly for the high G ukulele tuning. Low G tuning is OK but some tricks won't work with a low G. Bring a song and I will help you learn it through the week.

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About Brook

Brook Adams plays daily, guitar and ukulele. He writes his own songs, some are quirky and wrong. He has travelled the land doing solos and bands. He did country and rock and occasional schlock. The songs he plays now are both soulful and true. Favorite songs you forgot that you knew! Brook did a travelling show called Abbey Road On Ukulele. He co-founded and ran the Eugene Uketoberfest from 2007 to 2012 and co-founded the "Ukulaneys" (Ukulele Club Of Lane County). He has performed at: New York Ukefest, Portland Ukefest, Wine Country Ukefest (Napa Valley, CA), Oregon Country Fair (Eugene, OR), Seattle Folklife, Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, Berkeley Ukulele Club (Berkeley, CA), Gorge Ukefest (Hood River, OR), Reno Ukefest, Omaha Ukulele Hoopla, West Coast Ukulele retreat (Monterrey, CA), Columbia Gorge Ukulele Band Camp (Portland OR), Port Townsend Ukulele Festival, Eugene UKEtoberFest (Eugene, OR), Mighty Mo Ukefest (New Haven, MO), Oakridge Ukulele Festival (Oakridge, OR).

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