Week 2: Open Studio Class Supply List

Students will need to bring the following to class: 

  • Paint materials you are familiar working with, oil, acrylic or watercolor
  • Painting medium (like Galkyd if painting in oil) or an extender medium if using acrylics
  • Odorless mineral spirits and a can with a lid for brush cleaning
  • Soap to clean brushes
  • Rolls of paper towels (heavy duty are best) or cloth rags for wiping paint and brushes
  • At least 5 panels or canvases to work on in sizes 16 x 20 to 30 x 36, (seasoned painters bring what you like to use) * make sure the panels or canvases are primed and ready to use
  • Brushes in a variety of sizes, rounds and flats, from size 1 to 20, 5 rounds and 5 flats

Please bring as many colors as you can but at least the primary and secondary colors and some earth colors like yellow ochre, raw sienna and umber, and black and white. Ideally having a warm and cool red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange so we might mix colors and contrast color.

Suggested basic color list (seasoned painters bring your favorite colors)

Cadmium yellow medium or Hansa yellow medium and Naples yellow
Cadmium red medium, Napthol red, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue or Phalo Blue, Emerald green, Olive Green, Phallo Green, Viridian Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna and Umber or Burnt Sienna and Umber, Black and White (if painting with oil consider quick dry white)

Please read studio painting rules here.