Week 2: Ceramics Class Supply List

Students will need to bring the following to class: 

  • General assortment of trimming and carving tools used to carve your solid clay form     

  • General assortment of handbuilding tools:
     needle tool, knife, sponge, 3” metal scraper, putty knife (buy at hardware store), assorted ribs including 1 metal right angle rib (Kemper SI or Mudtools firm right angle rib), wooden ribs, blue rubber kidney, or Mudtools soft smoothing rib, wire cutter

  • 1 yard good quality canvas to roll out clay. Make sure you do not get thin canvas or your slabs will have wrinkles.               

  • A variety of modelling tools eg. Kemper WT6

  • 1 permanent marker                

  • Thin plastic wrap or drycleaner bags for wrapping up work to keep it damp                

  • Disposable gloves: a few pairs for plaster work, if sensitive to plaster          

  • A variety of soft brushes for slip and underglaze work       

  • Commercial Underglazes: Bring a variety of l bottles of opaque underglaze colors.  Amaco, Speedball, Duncan etc. Small bottles or large depending on how much painting you want to do                            

  • a few small cottage cheese size containers

  • 2 old hand-towels

  • Your regular apron/smock for clay work, plus an extra apron or old shirt for plaster work
  • This Scoring tool is my favorite you can buy it online from Amazon or other pottery supply places. or Kemper Dry Texturing Brush DG1 or SWB Scratch Wire Brush, very important for scoring and putting together leather hard slabs, or your favorite really good scoring tool. No forks or serrated ribs. They are not good enough for the deep scoring needed on hard clay.        
  • Rasps for sanding plaster mold: Stanley, Surform or similar.
  • Scissors
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair Dryer or Heat Gun
  • Sketchbook or scrap paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler: 18” or right angle    
  • Dust mask for mixing plaster       
  • Foam pad:  firm 1 1/2 “thick   20” x 10” for cushioning work as you build, very important