Week 1: Drawing Class Supply List

Students will need to bring the following to class: 

  • This year we will be taking a more surreal approach to our drawings. Bring 3-4 personal stories from your life that have had an emotional impact on you. These should be moments from your past that are so imprinted on your memory that when you recall them they conjure up vivid imagery with distinct visual details. 

  • Images that remind you of your stories: from your sketchbook,  photos, journals, reference books, etc.

  • Objects that are tangible reminders of your personal stories

  • Magazines or books for cutting up and sharing scrap

  • Mat knife with break-off blades or Exacto knife with extra blades

  • Scissors 

  • Glue sticks

  • Straight edge, preferably metal or with a metal edge

  • Assortment of Inexpensive water color brushes

  • Container for rinsing brushes, 

  • Assortment of pencils, 2H, HB, Ebony and 4B, 6B, 8B

  • Erasures-- Kneaded, Pink Pearl and any other you might have

  • Rags or a roll of paper towels for clean-up. 

  • Blue painters tape or low tack tape for masking

  • Small spritzer water bottle

  • Plastic cards such as expired credit cards or hotel keys for spreading glue and paint

  • Anything else you feel you might need in your creative pile of tools

Optional if you have these:
  • An erasure “crumb” brush

  • Drawing board

  • Bone folder

  • School glue that dries clear Yes! paste or mat medium if you prefer these

  • Inexpensive water color set

  • Water soluble crayons or pencils

*Recommended reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert